SBY purchases yarns from around the world – preferring to support brands that are known for their ethical treatment of animals, the environment and providing support for, quite often poorer communities that create the most superb quality of yarns.

The SBY shop has beautiful ranges of yarns that are no longer available in-store, there are limited quantities that can be purchased through this website at competitive prices, catch them while you can!

Launching this design by Swansea Bay Yarns!

When I embarked on, what I’ve come to call my Tequila Sunrise Scarf – I just wanted to play with the hot shades in Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze then decided to throw in the zing of the Tangerine Fine Lace and as I'm really happy with result - I wanted to share it with you.

Initially inspired by the work of artists Frida Kahlo and Franz Marc, early favourites of mine. I am now adding further choices of colourways by artists that I enjoy (although I don't pretend to be any sort of connoisseur!) as a palette for this luxurious, sensuous scarf/stole/wrap!

*A copy of the guidelines on how to construct this piece is included in the pack. Can be knitted on 6mm/6.5mm/7mm needles.

Buttons and how to attach a Pompom to a hat

You will need a reasonable sized button (to match your pompom size and weight) make sure you have two strands of strong cotton/yarn threaded through the pompom and follow the instructions!