About Me

Growing up in Swansea I had my Auntie May for inspiration, she was an amazing knitter, unfortunately I didn’t spend as much time as I’d have liked, sitting at her feet being taught all sorts of wonderful stitches and tips, as Uncle Idris was a grumpy husband and not keen on children, rather a missed opportunity there!

I’ve knitted and crocheted since a young age, I’ve never not knitted but crochet did fall out of favour until about seven years ago, and now I’m back loving it. I’m driven by colour, texture, simplicity, gift giving…and the accompaniment, in the evening, of a glass of wine.

Socks, are my 2021 challenge!

I started nursing in Oxford at the Nuffield in 1975, moved to London in ’77 - a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. I mostly loved my time in London and really liked my last job working in Soho at an internet publishing company - over those twenty odd years I was a constant customer at all the fab wool shops…often spending money I didn’t have!

Came back to Swansea to be closer to my nonagenarian dad, rattled around for a while in different jobs before settling at the council – few years in I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer – hard time – but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I cast off the council and opened a wool shop…a lifelong fantasy (well, wool or books!)

The pandemic created a desire to leave the premises I had been at for six years – and am now embarking on a new way of working, the future regarding restrictions are not mine to decide, but, SBY is alive and well!

Hope you like the new website.