Natural Pompoms
Manmade Pompoms


Handmade Pompoms

Lots of people love making pompoms – just as many don’t!

SBY has taken the strain out of the pompom business – offering a wide range both for interior decoration as well as the more common topping for hats….

Our pompoms come in different sizes and also, different yarns – if you prefer natural products – we have them alongside a wide range of manmade blended fibres.

We have designed an instruction sheet for how to attach a detachable pompom – and provide an attractive button with your purchase. It’s really useful to be able to take a pompom off your hat, you might want to wash the hat, or wear the hat under a hood, or even to change the pompom for another colour!

Have you heard of reflective yarn? Glowworm by Rico Design lights up like a Christmas tree when light is shone on it in the dark (car headlights) – it was designed for children to wear at night walking home from school…very effective. 

Small, medium and large – multi-coloured or a bit of glitter, not forgetting the Llama’s! 

Something for everyone.

Launching this design by Swansea Bay Yarns!

When I embarked on, what I’ve come to call my Tequila Sunrise Scarf – I just wanted to play with the hot shades in Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze then decided to throw in the zing of the Tangerine Fine Lace and, as I'm really happy with result, I wanted to share it with you.

Since then I’ve been working on a range of different combinations – initially inspired by the work of artist, Frida Kahlo, and revisiting her paintings made me want to take the idea a step further and put together colourways formed by specific artworks. Frida Kahlo is pretty much a household name now, but when I first came across her in the 1980’s at an exhibition of the Day of the Dead (a time when Mexicans remember and honour their deceased loved ones, not a morbid occasion at all) I was fascinated by her vibrant use of colour, the well documented pain and passion of her life all starkly told by her remarkable self-portraits.

Another artist that played a small but pivotal role in my younger life was the German artist - Franz Marc – I had come across a postcard of Tiger in the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts in London), bought it and used it as a bookmark for many years – even glancing at it on a tube ride made me smile, I just loved it.

I am adding further choices of colourways by artists that have enhanced my life (although I don't pretend to be any sort of connoisseur!) as a palette for this luxurious, sensuous scarf/stole/wrap!

*A copy of the guidelines on how to construct this piece is included in the pack. Can be knitted on 6mm/6.5mm/7mm needles.

Buttons and how to attach a Pompom to a hat

Each pompom comes with a Tapestry Needle and button to secure the pompom.

The button supplied as part of the pack comes from a South African button company that aims to bring work and new skills to the women of that region. Due to a unique manufacturing process, the buttons are both machine washable and dry cleanable. Each button is carefully hand crafted from a unique mixture of ceramic and stoneware clay and hand painted with an assortment of glazes. The use of natural materials as opposed to plastic, has proven itself to be extremely popular within an increasingly environmentally conscious market.