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SBY@home is all about selling exclusive kits through this newly developed website, the main focus are selections of specifically curated kits - both Knitting Kits, Crochet Kits, Unique Packs and a cute range of fancy Pompoms as the core.  Some of the kits are designed for SBY and others chosen from brands with strong designs and great yarns, Rowan is a good example.

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Swansea Bay Yarns Uplands Socks design, using Regia's premier Merino + Yak 4ply.

SBY Scarf
from £55.00

SBY Scarf Confection Pack made up of Rowan Yarns - inspired by artworks from famous and not so famous, artists!
4 x colours of Kid Silk Haze and
1 x Fine Lace.

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Uplands Mitts are a delightful knitted fingerless mitts pattern, designed by Rhian Haden exclusively for Swansea Bay Yarns.

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High-quality yarn Starter Kit for a beginner crochet blanket. Perfect for a special person! Rowan's Cotton Cashmere adds a certain luxury.

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A selection of handmade Pompoms in many styles and colours!

Schoppel Wolle Knitting Yarn
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Katia Crochet Yarn
 Baa Ram Ewe Knitting Wools Yarn
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Adriafil Kntting Wool Yarns
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Morgan, owner of Swansea Bay Yarns has put together individual packs for your pleasure, these may or may not have a pattern according to the project, sometimes a guideline is just as effective – and free!
Please take a look at the SBY Scarf Confection packs - the colourways are my interpretations of artworks by artists from around the world. If you have a favourite piece of art that you would like me to assemble a colourway for you, do get in touch.

This website also provides the portals into SBY’s eBay platforms with a smorgasbord of yarn and pattern delights for you to peruse, shipping around the world.

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A selection of handmade Pompoms in many styles and colours!

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Knitting and Crochet Kits

Kits to make mitts, socks, scarfs and more, for beginners and up!

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SBY Scarf

SBY Scarf Confection Pack inspired by fantastic artworks

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